Tichea Brade - Story

My dad left and moved to the states when I was six, leaving my mum as a single parent. We all tried to have long distance relationships as best we could, but it didn’t work out how I would have hoped.  I found out from my auntie that my Dad has been having an affair and I had a brother that I didn’t know about. I felt betrayed at the thought of my dad cheating on my mum with another woman, and having to share what little time I had with my dad with a complete stranger. I felt let down and disconnected from my dad, which completely broke our relationship.

At school I always struggled, and was put in the special needs classes. “What was wrong with me?”, I always thought to myself. I knew I was intelligent, I just couldn’t get across what I wanted to say. I found in my last year of university that I suffer with Dyslexia. I felt so let down by the education system when I discovered this.

Growing older, I managed the best I could without the full support of my father, and found myself in a relationship. By the time I was eighteen, I was pregnant! During my 7th month of pregnancy I found out my partner was leading a double life and had left and moved to Ireland. I couldn’t believe it, I recreated my mum’s life! Now I was a single parent! I remember thinking to myself ‘what have I done to deserve this!’.

I decided that I didn’t want the same life for my daughter. I knew I had to create a fantastic life for us both. She was, and still is, such and inspirations to me. For the next 7 years I knuckled down, and studied. I did numerous courses and got a degree in Design for Interactive Media and Advertising. Despite being dyslexic, I managed to achieve something for myself!

I started to work in various jobs in the creative field as a graphic designer, and stuck it out. My career led me to work for various different companies; the second biggest real estate firm in the world, numerous pharmaceutical companies and global travel agencies. I had done a lot, but I’d never felt so under fulfilled. I was also in a relationship that didn’t serve me at all! Almost like I wanted to repeat the same cycle of being abandoned and cheated on, all over again. I felt stuck, unappreciated, overworked, undervalued, and disposable. I was living from paycheck to paycheck, going out drinking every other weekend, creatively stifled at work, lonely, unfulfilled and afraid to speak up, or do anything about it. I was desperately unhappy, and knew there had to be more to my life.

I decided that I needed to work out what I really wanted with my life. Something that I would love doing! So, at the start of 2016 I decided to concentrate on person growth. I wanted more and I deserved more. I did a search on Eventbrite looking for something, but I didn’t know what! Then I found a company called Natural Success, and that was the start of something really special! I immediately ended the toxic relationship and started to develop myself emotionally and physically every single day.

Within three years, I had done numerous courses in intuition, limiting beliefs, discovering your true purpose, self-sabotage, learning how your beliefs and ego are created, enneagrams, relationships with others, co-dependency and so much more. It was eye-opening! I started to understand the people I attracted into my life. I understood why and how I reacted in certain situations and how I saw the world. My relationship with friends changed dramatically. I saw that my two closest friends and I were in a co-dependent relationship. We all relied on each other to the point that when I started making new friends, arguments would happen. I also began working on issues with my money mindset, by reading lots of books and working on my relationship with money.

I started to understand the opportunities I could create, and I started to create an amazing life for myself. Not just in the things I did, but the way I felt, and the people I had around me. I knew I had found something that I really wanted to do with my time on this earth, and that’s when it hit me. I wanted to help other people do the same. That’s when I created my business, ‘She Created Her Life’! I create a social platform to document my journey, shared opportunities with other women, and wrote articles and quotes to help inspire as many women as possible. It was great to see the impact I was having on other people; it felt indescribable, and I knew I had found my true calling in life.

Since then I was been empowering other women across the country, created numerous workshops on intuition and limiting beliefs at festivals in London. I main goal through all of this work is to empower professional women in their 30’s-40’s to get unstuck, discover what they really want and create a life they love!

When I look back to those confusing times as a child wondering when her daddy was coming home, when I remember the embarrassment of being put in the special classes in school because of my dyslexic, or the absolute desperation of being stuck in a relationship and job that didn’t fulfil me, I smile. I smile, because now my experiences have left me with an ability to empower other women, and be the absolute best mum I can be; and I wouldn’t change that for the world.  If you are feeling stuck right now, and want to discovery what you really want and a create a life you love, I want you to know it’s okay. I am here to support women like yourself, and now I’ve found what I really want out of life, I won’t stop until I breathe my last breath.

Coaching changed my life completely. 4 years before I could not imagine my passion would grow into a purposeful career path and that my story would inspire others to be honest, brave and determined to create a life they truly love.

I created my life; and so can you.

Tichea Brade – Empowerment Coach

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