Have you got a coach?

Have you got a coach?

Question time

Have you got a coach?

It’s funny I saw this question posted on one of the groups I belong to on Facebook.

Now let me tell you about this group! This group is full of go getting woman such as Entrepreneurs, CEO… that’s why I’m in it. Haha!

And as I read though all the comment every single one of them said ‘yes’. Some even said ‘Hell yes’

Of course I was a yes too!

Let me tell you why.

4 years ago when I was so unhappy stuck in a job and living an unfulfilled life. I found coaching. Thank fuck! It completely changed my life. In such an amazing way!😁 I can’t even tell you!🤪 Ok that’s no fair.

Ok, let me try! 😬

I got out of my own way!

You know that voice that tells you “you can’t do that!” “Who the hell do you think you are!”

That voice!

I can’t even hear that voice anymore. It’s just went!

That’s a lie. 🤥

It didn’t just go it’s just very very small. It took some work through coaching.

Coaching allowed me to understand what that little voice (well it’s little now it was bloody massive) was trying to do.

Just protect me from dying!


You see now, with what I am able to create in my life from my businesses like “She Created Her Life”Events and my 1-2-1 coaching business to my personal life, better relationships with myself and the people around me l wholeheartedly know it’s because I found coaching.

Coaching opened up my eyes to a brand new world that I didn’t even know existed.

I discovered mindset, limiting beliefs, conscious and unconscious mind, stories that we tell ourself, NLP, triggers, divine purpose, enneagram, dark side, alchemy, spiritualism to name a few.

I have met some of the greatest people I know. Who have become life long best friends.

It’s been so amazing and there is so much I can’t wait to discover.

So after looking at all the “hell yes”. It dawned on me.

Is coaching what separates us from living a more happy rewarding and fulfilled life.

I know coaching is what allowed me to be in a place that I am now creating a life that I love every single day.

I have a business and mindset coach now.

So I ask you again.

Do you have a coach?

If you do what are you creating that you know you wouldn’t be if you didn’t have a coach?

If you don’t have a coach. What do you think a coach does?

Would so love to hear all of your responses.

Tichea x

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