I empower professional women in their 30’s-40’s to get unstuck, discover what they really want and create a life they love

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Top 8 Tips for professional women in their 30’s-40’s who want to get unstuck and create a life they love

What’s Included

  • Relationship with yourself comes first
  • Relationship with friends and family
  • Relationship with the world
  • Purpose
  • Fulfilment
  • Listen to your heart and intuition
  • Set your intention to be open to change
  • Being vulnerable is a beautiful thing

My Story

My dad left and moved to the states when I was six, leaving my mum as a single parent. We all tried to have long distance relationships as best we could, but it didn’t work out how I would have hoped. I found out from my aunty that my Dad has been having an affair and I had a brother that I didn’t know about. I felt betrayed at the thought of my dad cheating on my mum with another woman, and having to share what little time I had with my dad with a complete stranger. I felt let down and disconnected from my dad, which completely broke our relationship.


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