What Clients Say


Tichea is the most beautiful person. She inspires and encourages without the need to push or shame. She shares her own story, where she has grown as a person and leader, to help others to do the same in their own way. Tichea recently gave me the opportunity to speak at one of her day events; We created our life, where everyone involved and attending was shown nothing but support and generosity of spirit from her. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and valued my time to speak. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Katherine Deamer


Tichea has created a great space for me to express how I feel about my passion and helped me on my way to create a life I truly want. I felt safe, understood and she met all my needs with a great skill. What has changed since we worked together is that I’m more confident and focused, take action and as a result creating a life I love and I’m passionate about. I’m so grateful we met. Helena

Helena Reimann


Tichea is a humanitarian life coach that has seen my abilities and made me aware of the best direction for me to take, while at the time I couldn’t see it; I am so grateful she saw in me what I never knew I could be capable of.

I will be forever grateful for her continued support  and advice.

Tichea and I met on our self-development journey.
Since then I watched Tichea sprint ahead in her ability to empower others and deliver profound advice and support to myself and others. . .

Her very presence is calming and open.
After a session with Tichea I felt clarity and serenity and back to being in flow, and a place where I can feel I am living my life with purpose.

Katie Singh


I have had the pleasure of working with this beautiful and talented woman. Tichea helped me to focus on what’s important and helped me to believe in myself by encouraging and giving me tools and advice to go for the things I want,  she also introduced me to workshops events and people to inspire and motivate me in the correct direction. Her advice and personal interest in me is second to none.

Lois Jacobs


Tichea is a dynamic and inspirational woman. I admire her fearlessness to leave a job she was unfulfilled in and follow her heart to embark on a journey to create a life she loves. I love her passion to help and support women who feel stuck & long for change in their lives. I’ve been to her festivals and they were amazing! ❤

Sarah Alvarez

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